Josh "Rebel" Pruett

Adam "Wiki" Forbes

Brandon "Spray" Matheny

Grady “Arsenal” Isaacson

Tim "Cloud" Lewis

Tim “Hollywood” Nester

Tony “The Asset” Hernandez

Ryan “Ripper” Burton

Sup everyone, I am one of the co-founders of the Red Onyx Airsoft Team. I began my airsoft career officially with the ACVT squad at Virginia Tech and quickly found the love for the sport. If you know me you’ll know that I always try to push everything to the limit and be the best. This pushed us into forming our own airsoft team and wanting to make a name for ourselves. The call sign of rebel was given to me all the way back in the 6th grade playing Battlefield 1942 on the PC and has stuck ever since across xbox, airsoft, and even my license plate.

Info: I began airsoft early in 2016 with Spray due to a mutual friend getting us into it. I quickly fell into the money pit and bought a Krytac 2 months after I started. My callsign (Wiki) comes from me acting a bit like a know it all, even if i don’t actually know it all. I’ve known Spray for over 7 years and consider the airsoft team as something i can do with my close friends. I play mostly for fun, but love to be competitive. I helped co-found Red Onyx during the car ride back from Fulda Gap 2017 and primarily deal with recruitment and social media. As of March 2018 I am also employed at Airsoft GI… no, I won’t let you use my discount.

Info: Wiki and I started in 2016 due to Rebel inviting us to participate. We caught “the bug” of airsoft quickly. I started off with a m14, I found out that it was trash. So i then purchased a Krytac Spr and fell in love with it. The creators of Red Onyx and I have been friends for over 7 years and I see them as brothers. Some fun facts about me are that my call sign used to be Squirrel (which has been my nickname by the guys for years) but is now Spray because of my gamertag and how I play videogames and airsoft. I love being the team flanker/team slayer when we play. My role in Red Onyx is admin and running the website.

Info: I first started playing airsoft like most, in a backyard with spring rifles from Walmart. However, it was not until my Junior year of high school that I bought my first AEG. My first official airsoft game was a scenario game that my best friend Ryan took me to at Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City called Battle of the Bulge. I got my callsign, “arsenal” from my teammates since i kept accumulating weapons along with them knowing I was a big DC comics fan and Green Arrow fan. Following my introduction into to the “real” airsoft community, I formed the team “Fireteam Arrow” with my friends. Years later, with Fireteam Arrow dissolved, I am now a member of Red Onyx and helped develop the Gen. 2 logo.

Info: I started airsoft back in 2006, and have only grown in the sport since. I feel like I may have pushed the addiction of this sport on to many people now, and i'm sorry. I know you're broken because of me lol. I turned Josh onto this sport back when we practically lived together. I am currently the X.O. of ACVT. and have been now for three years. I am also the only current member of ACVT who is also a member of Red Onyx due to my unique position iwth the gorup. Over the last two years I have watched both ACVT and Red Onyx go from almost nothing to what you see today. I was given the name Cloud years ago from my xbox gamertag and it followed me around ever since

Info: I started playing airsoft early in 2016. I fell in love with taking my guns apart and putting them together again. After gaining enough experience, I ended up being the team’s pseudo-tech. I also had a major hand in creating the Gen 2. Logo. I’ve owned many different guns but ultimately succumbed to my love for the KRISS Vector. My callsign is a carryover from my nickname from Hargrave Military Academy, due to my reluctance to cut my long, flowing locks. If you’re trying to figure out which one I am, on the field,I’m flanking or doing something else stupid. Off the field, listen for the angelic voice singing Disney songs.

Info: My first experience with airsoft was when I was 12 and went to an airsoft field for a birthday party. I was then reintroduced into airsoft from Wiki and quickly caught the bug. A few months later I bought myself the ASG scorpion Evo and because of that was given the callsign “The Asset” due to the briefcase look my gun bag has, and the “silent but deadly” persona that my teammates claim I have.

Info: I’ve been playing airsoft for over 10 years. After going to my first big event with Arsenal, I was hooked on the spot. We even founded a short-lived team, Fireteam Arrow. I joined the ACVT and eventually was asked to be an admin in the fall of 2017. My first big outing was Fulda Gap 2017, where I met Rebel, Wiki, and Hollywood. Once they told me they were starting a team, I was excited to join after graduation. On the field I am the team’s primary support gunner, laying down suppression and enabling the team to complete objectives. They call me “Ripper” because I’ve ripped my pants open multiple times at events but keep on fighting.