Officially Red Oynx is the Alumni and Friends division of ACVT. We currently hold regular outings with ACVT and are in close contact daily. They two groups compliment each other in continuing to build a strong presence and group on the airsoft field. All members of ACVT are offered a position within Red Onyx as well as those special friends and gems we found while we are out playing.

What is Red Onyx:

A group of ACVT (Airsoft Club at Virginia Tech) veterans and friends went to fulda gap in 2017. As many know ACVT has a long standing history as a part of the 39th division at Fulda gap, but the ACVT numbers trickled off as more and more people graduated and no longer continued the sport. A very familiar face to fuldas gap, Jeff “Moses” Moss challenged all players to go out and build their teams and come back and make a name for themselves at Fulda Gap the next year. This sparked a very deep discussion between the two co founders of Red Onyx, Rebel and Wiki. We decided that not only did we needed our own identity on the field as a team, but that as a former member of the Airsoft Club and Virginia Tech once members graduated from the university they no longer had a group to play airsoft with. This was when Red Onyx was born.

If you are interested in learning more about Red Onyx or joining the team please go to the Contact Information page.

Current Team Patch

Old Team Patch