Officially Red Oynx was formed out of the Alumni from the Airsoft Club At Virginia Tech (ACVT), and friends, but has turned into so much more. The origin of Red Onyx began at Fulda Gap 2017 when Jeff “Moses” Moss challenged all players to go out and build their teams and come back and make a name for themselves at Fulda Gap the next year. This sparked a very deep discussion between the two co founders of Red Onyx, Rebel and Wiki. We decided that not only did we needed our own identity on the field as a team, but to form a family of our own in and out of the airsoft world. This was when Red Onyx was born.

What is Red Onyx:

Mission Statement: It is the goal of Red Onyx airsoft to make a name for ourselves at any and every op we go to. To be the squad that command can count on to get the job done no matter what.
Earning Your Membership Stripes:
In the sport of airsoft one cannot simply show up the first time on the field, and immediately have the chemistry with their fellow players needed to conquer the field. We have directly imported this same battlefield concept and mindset over to Red Onyx. No one can just walk on to the Red Onyx team, each individual member has earned their way there one way or another. This policy is not in place to say Red Onyx is superior or better than anyone else, it is simply there to forge the strong chemistry an airsoft squad needed to be successful. If you see someone sporting a Red Onyx patch on the field, ask them their story. Each member has their own unique journey to how they joined our family.

If you are interested in learning more about Red Onyx or joining the team please contact us @